Do you need a tape that will mesh with your carton sealing application? Whether you are using an automatic case sealer, a water activated tape machine, or a hand tape gun, Express Shipping has the appropriate tape for your use.
Pressure Sensitive Tape:

This tape, sometimes simply referred to as “clear tape,” is the most commonly used tape for carton sealing applications. There are a variety of different sub-categories involving different adhesives and materials—each appropriate for different applications. The two most common uses for this tape are:

  • Automatic case sealing machines
  • Hand Tape Guns
Water Activated Tape:

Water activated tape (gummed tape) provides a strong adhesive for your carton and is dispensed through a tape dispenser. Tape dispensers apply water which activate the glue on the tape. There are a variety of different water activated tapes on the market as there are a variety of uses. Some tapes are reinforced with fiberglass yarn to provide extra strength, and some are printed for a wide variety of different applications such as:

  • inventory rotation
  • product marking
  • company advertising
Carton Sealing Tape

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